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magic golden door My Office, you know that place you go to in the morning and leave in the evening – if you are lucky ? Entrepreneurs seem many times to start in a garage or their home attic or a friend's office (or even a room in a psychiatric hospital (well… that is another story), but eventually, you need to grow. Maybe you need a store to sell your products or office space to hire staff or even warehouse space to store the products you are selling. Even a testing lab or teaching facility?

Short term, long term, swing space, co-working space, shared space and outer space (according to Elon Musk) - we have information on all of it. We provide you access to the largest database of space listings and biggest companies offering space in countries worldwide. Searchable for any budget, type, size, quality and location - globally - to help you quickly size up in the way you need and want.

Oh, and we don’t charge you for this information. It’s Free, if you are registered on our site (and registration is also entirely free).

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