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TED Talks

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Established in 1984, TED conference quickly became a world-class event that covers topics from science to business to global issues and gathers experts and pioneering thinkers from around the globe. TED is a nonprofit organization that aims at making great ideas accessible in communities around the world. These ideas have the ability to change the attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. is a unique source of free knowledge from the world’s top professionals and the most inspired thinkers presented in a form of short, powerful talks. is also a huge digital library and database that contain thousands and thousands of exclusive educational materials including videos from TED conferences, TED-Ed lessons, Podcasts, TED books, Ideas Blog, and Newsletter, available in more than 100 languages. Over the years, TED became a global community, uniting people with different cultural backgrounds in their passion to share ideas and make the difference. provides information about past, current and future conferences, speakers, independently organized local events and ways to participate and become a part of the biggest in the world community of curious souls.


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GoalCast was created as an alternative to the traditional educational system and is based on one simple, but life-changing idea – everyone is responsible for his own success. Cyrus Gorjipour and Salim Sader founded GoalCast in 2016 and since then the platform became the fastest-growing personal development brand in the world with over 30M fans and 500M video views a month. provides its users with countless resources that help them achieve their goals and live their lives with purpose. These resources include but are not limited to book, motivational videos, inspirational stories, movie scenes, speeches, interviews, quotes, articles, and success stories of those who have made it. GoalCast is a worldwide community of dreamers and achievers, a perfect environment for everyone who wants to improve any aspect of their life, ranging from career goals to relationships to self-improvement. also has a store where motivational apparel, jewelry, inspirational wall art, mugs and other thematic products are presented. The website is a powerful resource that will help anyone to achieve his goals, no matter how ambitious they are.


Visit Website gathers the most revolutionary and controversial ideas from around the globe in order the change the way the people think and catalyze discussion of the most pressing and disturbing issues of the modern times. Big Think presents lessons from the top experts in their field who have the ability to transform the way we think, work, live, and experience. The Big Think learning programs are short-form, mobile, and immediately actionable, and were designed to make its audience smarter, faster. The learning topics are diverse and range from self-motivation to emotional intelligence to health and wellness. Big Think provides three new lessons from the top experts and inspirational speakers each week. Big Think also has a podcast where the world's brightest minds discuss the cutting-edge ideas, from black holes to contemporary parenting. The website is a source of priceless knowledge and right tools created to challenge common sense assumptions, broaden people’s horizons, and help them find a way towards success.

The Do Lectures

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The DO Lectures is an encouragement network created to help people around the globe achieve their goals. It was established in 2007 by two enthusiasts, David and Clare Hieatt with no intention to get big, but rather to provide a space where people can ask questions and learn to use their potential. The people who DO share their experience and advice in a form of short talks in order to help those who are on their way to success to stay inspired and motivated and reach their goals in a better, faster, and safer way. Videos presented on the website cover different topics, including business, creativity, education, environment, social change, well-being, and technology and are available to everyone for free. The DO Lectures also organizes one-day workshops with leading experts in their fields where they share useful insights and give practical recommendations. Many visitors say that this was a life-changing experience for them. The DO Lectures is a global community of amazing people who encourage each other to become better.

Ink Talks

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INK Talks was founded in 2005 to create a bridge of intellectual exchange between India and the US. Nowadays it is a worldwide platform for sharing revolutionary ideas and success stories. INK is known for a series of events such as annual INK Conference, INK Asia, INK Salons, and diverse impact programs, for example, INK Fellows Program, INK Makers, and INK Masterclass. INK Talks helps talented people turn their ideas to reality through exciting impact-driven programs, social events, and annual conference. INK Talks is a global community of great thinkers with different cultural backgrounds, but united with their passion to innovation and creativity. The website has a huge collection of videos of talented and inspiring speakers talking about motivation, business, education, science, politics, technology, philosophy, environment, arts, and much more. INK Talks also provides countless learning opportunities, including lectures, interactive masterclasses, workshops with experts, and engaging in a community of game changers who are able to redefine the world.


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The website is a creative career resource providing thousands of articles about leadership, productivity, branding, and marketing. 99U keeps track of the latest trends and shares big ideas and innovative solutions for the most challenging problems the designers, marketers, engineers, educators, and artists face nowadays. 99U has also prepared detailed guides for its audience that will teach them how to manage their money and client work, develop leadership skills, get better at public speaking, increase productivity, stay motivated, and so much more. 99U organizes an annual conference that encourages the professionals from around the world to supercharge their work and make their ideas happen. The program of the conference includes talks, breakout sessions, hand-on workshops with the top industry experts. 99U provides only the most useful advice and practical recommendations that will allow you to accelerate your personal and professional growth and help you build an incredible career.

Idea City

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Idea City Conference is a remarkable event for the worldwide community of scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, activists and agitators, and everyone who is curios and seeks inspiration. The three-day program of the conference includes main stage talks and presentations as well as diverse social events that give the attendees an opportunity to meet new people, make valuable connections with the speakers and top experts, and exchange their brilliant ideas. Idea City is an international community of ‘idealists’, who come together year after year for a unique transformative experience. All the presentations are saved and can be easily reached through the Idea City’s official website. There are many ways to engage with the biggest in the world community of bright minds – you can become a speaker, a partner or a volunteer at Idea City. Idea City is called Canada’s “Premier meeting of the minds” thanks to accumulation of the newest and the most controversial ideas in the world that challenge the way people think.


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MasterClass is an American online education platform. Students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. The concept was conceived by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen. MasterClass offers online classes created for students of all skill levels. Our instructors are the best in the world.