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Crowdfunding Platform

magic golden door TBC Crowdfunding is a Crowdfunding Platform. There is a small Fee for the technical work to get the placement of your project onto the platform. There are NO fees for reviewing your project, or for getting it listed with the SEC or other securities agencies in the USA (for more on international postings, see TBC Crowdfunding). There will be an agreement that provides TBC Crowdfunding with a fee from the investment’s funds raised, only after your project's funding is successful. Non-Login Guest has limited visibility of TBC Crowdfunding and no ability to access, post or invest in projects on the platform. Login Guest shall have Full Access to Viewing postings & Investing in Projects (subject to submitting a successful investor application and limitations as established in the USA and other international regulations), but No ability to Post a Project for funding and No ability to comment. However, will have access to request information on a project. Gold Members have Full access to Post a Project (subject to additional posting fee) and full access to view and invest in other projects (subject to a successful investor application), as well as the ability to request information on specific projects and ability to make comments.