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Global Research

Research Companies, Officers & Directors, Patent & Trademarks, Competition and more.

magic golden door Global Research ? What do you need this for ? Your idea is perfect and you know it… Think again. If you are not doing Research (Global Research) on what it is that you are doing or want to do, then you should not be trying to grow a business. You need to do Global Research on your product to see if someone already has done it and if they have a patent or trademark on it. And if not, so you can file one to prevent someone else from copying your idea. Also global research on any competitors you may have – learn what they do right and what they have done wrong, so you can start out better than they did.

Think of all the legal expense that Uber went through worldwide to fight for their application to be allowed in countries worldwide and each of the 50 United States – and after these battles were won (and some lost) at the expense of $ Million’s, then Lyft and others came in and used this information to quickly compete with Uber without any legal expense. Using some of the experiences of your competitor, is both legal and can help you compete at their expense (but only when legally allowed). If your competitor was in a lawsuit, you can use this public information to learn things that will help you – just like a scene out of “Suits”.

Research is ‘FIRST’… before investors, before building a product, before building the website, before opening an office, before hiring employees. You need intelligence on what it is you want to do ‘and’ to decide if you have any chance of succeeding. Make Research a priority – so you can know your competition, to get an edge up on your market, finding quality officers & directors in your industry or check patents and trademarks before you launch your next big thing... Astute entrepreneurs understand that there is more to creating a start-up than a good business idea and funding.

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Good research is the basis of planning for your success. TBC Global Research provides you the tools to find almost everything you need to keep you on top of your game. And constant research is vital to staying on top and evolving with the times - as well as finding opportunities overseas that you can implement in your region. We provide you strategic access to tools that can give you that success advantage.

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Do Research To Find Your Success