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magic golden doorAdvertising, Marketing, Social Media & Funnels (and more)… are they important ? Absolutely if you ask Gary Dahl (well, you can’t ask him, he died in 2015…) But Gary Dahl, an advertising executive was in the middle of the age old debate with a friend – what is more important? An ‘amazing product” that can sell itself or “extraordinary advertising that could sell anything”. And in a discussion about a friends pet that damaged furniture and that pets die, he came up with selling a ‘Pet Rock’ that had no care needs and never dies. Buying more than 1 million rocks at $ 0.01 each, almost free hay and cheap cardboard box (Pet Rock House), he sold them for $4 each – more than 1 million of them, using university students to help him and making him a millionaire... selling a rock for a pet...

A great business plan is important for you to build your business. But you may have the best service, product or other idea on the planet – but without a good ‘Marketing Plan’ your chance for success is very small. A business plan is small compared to a good marketing plan. A good marketing plan should include all possible forms of media to determine the best use of capital (or no capital) to reach your target market, including paid and un-paid Advertising (Ad Agencies, Google AdWords, etc.), Marketing, Social Media efforts (Instagram, Facebook Pexels, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more) and understanding the value of Funnels – the new age of getting people to ‘act’ quickly in a positive manner for your success. And 100 other creative ways to get the word out on your product or service.

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