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Virtual Number Service

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Be contacted on phone numbers from over 50 countries, all on one SIM card! Your WorldSIM SIM card comes with a UK and USA phone number as standard. With our Virtual Number service you can choose to add more phone numbers, from other countries. The Virtual Number service is a revolutionary service which gives you the ability to add local phone numbers to your WorldSIM. This opens a world of opportunities as now you can make and receive calls on local phone numbers from over 50 countries and there is no limit on the amount of virtual phone numbers you can have on our SIM card.

Geographic: This category allows you to choose DIDs with a range of different area codes available.

Landline: This category only has one area code available.


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One SIM, multiple numbers

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Pre-Paid travel SIM card

This Prepaid International SIM card gives you piece of mind as you avoid high roaming charges leaving you to enjoy your trip.